Community Trademark Attorney 

We offer you a wide range of services with professional legal representation in relation with trademarks and designs, e.g.Community Trademark (CTM) registration and renewal, national trademark registration in 27 member states of the EU, opposition matters.
Response to Office action
After presentation of your Community Trademark Registration Request before OHIM, is possible that the trademark may be rejected for several reasons — similarity with another, very generic, famous outside the country, etc. The Response to Office action consists of presenting a legal writing in an attempt to reverse the decision.

Defense of Third Party Opposition

Once OHIM approves the registration, the registration request must be published in the Official Bulletin so that third parties are informed of the request. If oppositions arise, a time limit of 30 days is established to present a Judicial Resource. Defense of Third Party Opposition consists on presenting a legal writing with arguments for defense of the trademark registration.

Opposition to a Third Party Registration Request

As stated previously, a Third Party can present opposition to a Community Trademark request after the trademark is published in the Official Daily Bulletin. will watch the requests daily for a trademark registration that may similar to yours. Opposition to a Trademark Request consists of presenting before OHIM a legal writing specifying why third party Trademark Request should not be registered.