Intellectual Property Experts


The skills of our team of consultants, made up of highly qualified Intellectual Property Attorneys and legal experts, together with our network consisting of over 400 representatives around the world, enable our clients to obtain and manage their intellectual property rights on a national and international scale.

As a member of the CNCPI (National Association of Industrial Property Rights Advisers in France), and constituted in law so as to be able to guarantee the professional expertise, independence and ethics of Industrial Property Rights consultancies, NextMarq is committed to the strict observance of professional ethics.

A dynamic and reactive organization, NextMarq is entirely at your disposal to find the appropriate solution to all your questions, as fast as possible.

Whether your enterprise is a regional company or a multi-national group, a “start-up”, or a public sector institution, the extremely wide range of trades, professions and projects that our clients represent are always at the heart of our thinking.