NextMarq provides you with a raft of adapted solutions enabling you to register and manage your Trademarks, industrial designs and domain names, in total security.

 Registration and renewals of trademarks /models

– The answer to your questions as to "why, how and where should I register? "
– Fast registration in France and, through a network of qualified representatives, in
every country in the world
– Management of renewal procedures for your rights. Customized alerts service.
 Monitoring your trademarks
– In order to provide warnings of any breach of your rights, it is of prime importance to
set up a monitoring system
– Our monitoring notices are always issued accompanied by comments and suggestions
 Trademark searches for project validations

– Before registering a trademark, design, model, or domain name, we strongly advise you 
to ensure they are available by conducting a trademark search in order to reveal any previous registrations.
– Our searches can be made in France, in Europe, and throughout the entire world, in order to validate
the legality of your projects, whatever their size.
– Our search reports are always issued accompanied by comments and suggestions, enabling you to overcome any obstacles there may be.


– Pursuing litigation, defending your interests and carrying out pre-litigation negotiations
– Managing administration and legal procedures in France and abroad.
 Legal assistance

– Consultations, contracts, advice.
– Legal analysis, case-law analysis and technical analysis, always bearing in mind the economic and competition factors

– Analyzing Trademark, Model and Domain Name portfolios.
– Specific solutions with a view to commercial and marketing strategy, in order to rationalize your trademark portfolio.
 Domain names

– Domain name reservation / national and generic extensions. Renewals management.
– Monitoring and renewals of your domain names.
– Recovery of your cyber-squatted domain names. Administrative, pre-litigation and legal actions.